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Construction Brain Teaser

Posted on May 5, 2016

See if you can solve our construction brain teaser!

Two construction site workers were up for a challenge one day, and they were pretty mad at each other.

At lunch break, they confronted one another. One man, obviously stronger, said “See that wheelbarrow? I’m willin’ to bet £100 (that’s all I have in my wallet here) that anything you can wheel to that cone and back, I can wheel twice as far. Do we have a bet?”

The other man, too dignified to decline, shook his hand, but he had a plan formulating.

He looked at the objects lying around:  a pile of 400 bricks, a steel beam, the 10 men that had gathered around to watch, and a stack of ten bags of concrete mix; he thought for a while, and then finalized his plan.

“All right,” he said, and revealed his object.

That night, the strong man went home thoroughly teased and £100 poorer.

What was the weaker man’s object? 

Let us know your answers via [email protected] or our ChatBox!

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