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Industry sectors we work for

Surprisingly, our interest in health and safety did not start with a view to preventing accidents or injury. We never set such high aspirations. It began with helping construction companies get on to approved contractor lists. When we started this was quite simple but as the audit processes became more detailed and complex we developed safety management systems to achieve compliance. Our roots were firmly based in the construction industry. Today this accounts for less than half of our Client base!

While preparing for audits, we became very skilled in implementing effective management systems. In fact, we became so effective and efficient that we became good at health and safety.

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We have never put much effort into marketing for a couple of reasons. A lot of our work with new clients is done in the first few weeks. If we had a marketing campaign that was successful, we would not be able to cope! A nice steady growth in sales as we have experienced over the previous twenty plus years suits us. The second reason we do not market heavily is that we can only be effective with customers who understand what we can do. To get this, almost every one of our new Clients are referred by existing customers. We are truly built by reputation and proud of it.

Our growth and dependence in recommendation meant we worked almost exclusively for construction businesses. However, our skill and belief that Good Health and Safety is Good Business has helped us work alongside organizations from many other sectors.

  • Tourist attractions
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Television and Film
  • Legal
  • Churches and Chapels
  • Schools and Universities
  • Zoos
  • Councils (metropolitan and parish)
  • Transport and Warehousing (including international shipping)

People We Work With

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