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Courtley and the CALM Campaign

Posted on February 17, 2016

We can talk about Safety & Health all day long, but the fact of the matter is that the biggest killer of men under 45, isn’t workplace injury or ill health, it isn’t knife or gun crime or even drugs for that matter. It’s actually Suicide.

Shocked? I was too, In fact we all were here at Courtley Health & Safety and have decided that we want to help raise awareness of the CALM Campaign…

CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVING MISERABLY, or CALM, is a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.  In 2014, male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK.

I come from a family of mainly girls and my mum is a registered Mental Health Nurse, talking about feelings was always promoted, encouraged and supported. But I have noticed, in society we discourage this in young males. From an early age boys are taught to not cry, its a girly thing to do, and generally don’t have any outlets for discussing their problems, thoughts and feelings. I think personally this is a big contributing factor to the statistic we saw above.

I don’t think this will be an easy feat – But you have to start somewhere right?

In the coming months we will be thinking of ways to support the campaign as a company & raise awareness.

Please visit check out what they do and how they can help & support. Please feel free to get in touch to share any stories, experiences or ideas on how we can raise awareness!

CALM logo - website negativeCharity Reg. No. 1110621

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