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The Most Dangerous Jobs in the UK

Posted on February 11, 2016

When we asked people what they thought the most dangerous jobs in the UK were, the following occupations were thrown about: fisherman, prison guard, scaffolder, bomb disposal experts and shark dentists!

However many people will be shocked to find out that in a recent blog post by ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), the following jobs were identified as the most deadly, with the highest fatality rate in the UK.

Se here is our list of the most dangerous jobs in the UK.

1. Construction Workers

In 2013-2014 the construction industry had the highest death rate than any other occupation in the UK. It’s shocking to think that there is a huge push from government to train young people to enter and work towards a career in the construction industry when it is still, one of the most dangerous jobs to date. I don’t think we should be discouraging our young people to work in construction, but should be working to make it safer for those who do chose a vocation in scaffolding, building and the many other trades exposed to such hazards on construction sites.

2. Farmers

We often think of farm life as a rural, quiet escape in the country. However there are many deaths involving farming and agriculture in the uk, horrifyingly even involving children, as many families live and work on farms and allow children to freely play near heavy plant and near chemical tanks. There has been a recent surge in young farmers and it should be our duty to educate them to stop something traumatic happening to themselves and even their families as a result of an occupational hazard. Knowing and understating the dangers on a farm can help us to minimise the risk.

3. Waste & Recycling

The UK relies heavily on the smooth flow of the waste and recycling industry for the function of day to day life, everything we do as a country produces waste materials and this needs to be sorted somewhere! Large depots where there are many HGV’s, machines and flow of people can introduce hazards involving contact with moving vehicles, property damage and failure of plant. In 2013 the Waste and Recycling Industry saw a rise in fatalities.

4. Garage & Motor Body Repair

Over 277 major injuries were reported in this industry in 2012-2013, making it a very dangerous environment indeed. MOT pits and paint spraying booths can introduce health issues such as respiratory problems, dermatitis, carbon monoxide poisoning and not to mention safety risks such as falls from height into pits, fire and explosion and manual handling issues.

5. Manufacturing Industry

This industry employs over 2.5 million workers in the UK and some sub categories include chemical manufacture, food & drink, plastics and furniture! Each sector will have its own risks however as a large employer within the UK we need to ensure the safety and health of its workers is paramount!

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