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Asbestos Roof Death in Liverpool

Posted on February 24, 2021

A roofer fell to his death when he collapsed through an asbestos filled roof that he was replacing. He fell 6 metres when working on a property in Kirkdale, Liverpool.

The HSE inspector stated “The risks from working on fragile surfaces are well known. Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that the contractor they select to undertake any construction work devise safe methods of doing so, which should include providing the necessary information to their workers and ensuring that they are adequately supervised.”

On 22 May, Liverpool crown court heard that the roofer was completing snagging work on the replacement roof. He had come across a part of the old roof which h was extremely fragile as it was made of asbestos cement sheets which gave in causing him to fall to his death.

HSE investigation found that the area did not have any safety nets fitted and the building occupier failed to take appropriate action and put necessary measures in place which would have reduced the risk of those working on the roof.

As a result of this, the owner of the building pleaded guilty to breaching the health and safety at work act 1974, section 3. The company was fined £80,000 and they were ordered to pay costs of £6,656.

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