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Appeals & Complaints Process

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction, so we endeavour to resolve any problems with as little hassle to our customer as possible.


We will try to resolve any problems over the telephone at the time the complaint is lodged, however, if this cannot be done; for example, if the complaint needs to be investigated and/or escalated, the complainant will be kept up to-date on its progress.


Feedback is gathered from safety support Members receiving health and safety support via annual management reviews and from delegates at the end of training courses.


If a Member has a problem with their Membership service and cannon resolve it with their dedicated health and safety advisor, they may escalate the complaint to Emma Blower by telephone: 0151 545 0497, by email: [email protected] (using the subject heading: Urgent Complaint), or by post: Courtley Health & Safety Ltd, 5 Platinum Court, Alchemy Way, Knowsley, L33 7XN marked private and confidential.


If a complaint regarding health and safety service provision cannot be resolved by Emma Blower, it will be escalated to Courtley Health & Safety Ltd’s Managing Director, Steve Wallace and Steve will provide a final decision.


All training delegates have the right to challenge the assessment decision made by an assessor on a unit of competence.  The following steps are to be followed if a delegate would like to appeal against an assessment decision.


The delegate should first discuss the reason for appeal with the assessor, if possible,
If the delegate is not satisfied with the assessor’s final decision, an appeal should be made in writing to Internal Verifier (IV), Emma Blower.  Appeal details can be posted to Courtley Health & Safety Ltd, 5 Platinum Court, Alchemy Way, Knowsley, L33 7XN marked private and confidential; or emailed to [email protected]  Please give as much information as you can about your experience and how you would like it to be resolved so that we can put things right.
Upon receipt of an appeal or complaint, the IV will inform the Quality Manager (QM) within 3 working days and commence an investigation.  IV will attempt to come to a mutually agreeable resolution with the delegate within 10 days of receipt of appeal.
If the delegate is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation or remedial action proposed by IV, the delegate may request that the appeal be escalated to the QM, who will examine all evidence and make the final decision.
In the case of being unsatisfied with Courtley Health & Safety Ltd’s QM’s decision regarding a complaint relating to a CITB accredited course, you may contact CITB once you have exhausted our complaint and appeals procedure.  The dispute should be put in writing to: Approval and Compliance Manager, CITB Quality Assurance Team.

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