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CITB Training Courses

citb training courses logoCourtley Heath & Safety currently run a number of CITB accredited training courses. A list of available courses can be found below. The courses take place at our training centre in Liverpool in the North West of the UK. However, we can run some of our training at your place of work if the course is suitable. You can also book training directly from our training calendar.

What is CITB Training?

CITB training aims to improve the standards of health and safety across the workforce of the UK. There are a wide range of CITB courses available which are fully accredited. These courses range from training for managers and supervisors in recognising and preventing safety issues. To health and safety awareness training which aims to help all employees recognise workplace dangers.

How Much Does A CITB Course Cost?

Prices vary depending on the course. But range from £130 plus VAT for one day courses, to £592 plus VAT for 5 day management courses. Please see each individual course for pricing options. These courses can be found in the list below.

How Long is a CITB Training Course?

The length of the course is determined by the volume of content which needs to be covered. As mentioned above this ranges from 1 to 5 days, and varies on a course by course basis. Again see each individual course for more details.

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What Does CITB Stand For?

CITB stands for The Construction Industry Training Board. It was established in 1964 under the Industrial Training Act. This act gave the Labour government the power to establish industrial training boards. These boards would then have the responsibility to setting standards, providing advice and training across a number of industries.

The current role of the CITB is to encourage training. This is to attempt to build a safe, fully qualified professional workforce across the UK. The CITB provides funding and support to help companies to up-skill their employees. Reducing costs and growing the talent pool in the construction industry.

What is a CITB Course?

A CITB health and safety course is one which has been accredited by the Construction Industry Training Board. As the CITB are responsible for setting the training standards in the construction industry. You can be assured any course accredited by them is being delivered, and you are being assessed, to the recognised industry standard.

How Long Does a CITB Qualification Last?

CITB qualifications last for 5 years. If you need to retain your qualification for a longer period of time you must attend a refresher course before your qualification expires.

If you fail to attend a refresher course within the 5 years, you will be required to retake the full training course.

What CITB Courses Are Available?

There are currently 9 CITB courses available, the details of which can be found below. We are an approved CITB training centre, so all of the courses we deliver meet the standards required by the CITB.


This 5 day course is designed to give project managers, site managers and proprietors of small companies the information they need to manage safety issues effectively. It also focuses on ensuring your workplace is compliant with health and safety law.

The SMSTS course is identified as ideal core training for all site managers in the Approved Codes of Practice.


If your Site Management Safety Training Scheme Certificate is due to expire. Or you wish to update your skills in line with current legislation. Then you will be required to attend the SMSTS refresher course. On completion of the course you will gain the CITB 5 day Site Management Safety Training Scheme Certificate.

This course ensures delegates are up to date with current issues in the health and safety industry. And will cover any changes to best practice since you obtained your last qualification.


This is a two day course. Aimed primarily at line managers who either currently have, or are about to acquire, responsibilities which include supervising employees.

The Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is designed to give supervisors a better understanding of the problems facing the industry. On completion of the course you will have a better understanding of how your role fits in with the manager’s in controlling on site safety. You will also gain the confidence to carry out risk assessments. And understand the need for accurate method statements.


The SSSTS Refresher is a one day course for candidates who have completed the Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme. The course covers any changes which have occurred to health and safety procedure since you obtained your previous qualification.

In order to be eligible to take the refresher course, you must attend before your SSSTS qualification expires. If your qualification has expired then you will be required to attend the full training course.


The CITB Directors Role for Health & Safety course is aimed at directors and senior managers. The main goal of this course is to highlight the implications of not complying with health and safety legislation.

This one day training will demonstrate the financial, human and economic ramifications of non compliance. While providing details on how to promote health and safety culture in the workplace.


The CITB Site Environmental Awareness Scheme is designed to help you understand the importance of managing environmental issues on site. It also gives delegates the knowledge they need to comply with legal guidelines and implement best practice techniques.

This course meets the basic environmental knowledge that the sub-contract chain is required to prove to major contractors. And covers the environmental aspects of the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test.


The Temporary Works Coordinator Training Course is designed for Managers, Supervisors, Agents and Personnel who have a responsibility for managing and coordinating all forms of temporary works.

The main aims of the course are to cover regulations and codes of practice, case studies and policy, and the primary duties of the works co-ordinator role.


This is a one day Temporary Works Supervisor course aimed at educating those who have a responsibility for supervising temporary works. This course highlights the importance of the 4 C’s; communication, coordination, co-operation and competency.

The course gives delegates an understanding of the importance of the role of a temporary works supervisor. It also teaches them what the role entails, and the roles of others who will be working on these projects.


The Health and Safety Awareness course, is a one day course designed for those who are working in the construction industry. It is also for those who are considering working in the construction industry.

The course illustrates the potential dangers you could face while working on site. And also provides advice on how to keep yourself and colleagues safe. The training also covers the responsibilities you and your employer have. And what you should do in the event you think your safety, or the safety of others, is being put at risk.

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